There is sand. Sand and pyramids. Sand, pyramids and camels. Its Tunisia. Its Egypt. Palestine. Iran. Jordan. Algeria. Change is in the air. Dominoes are falling. Cookies crumbling. Dictators are losing their grip. Its summer. Its autumn. Its winter and Molotov cocktails are flying. Theres smoke. Theres fire. Burning buildings. Men on horses. Men on camels. Weve got paving stones, Facebook and Tweets. Also cardboard helmets. Theyve got M-1 tanks, tear gas and F-16 fighter jets. Also real bullets. The President is leaving. The President is staying. The President is leaving and coming back. A poem is never finished, only abandoned. Punk embraces the amateurish and screwed up. Molotov cocktails are flying. Reporters are being welcomed with open arms. Reporters are being stopped and beaten up. Welcomed as brothers and beaten to a pulp. Its all Americas fault. Deals with dictators. The CIA. Its because of Israel. Moshe Dayan. Bagels and lox. The British. Lawrence of Arabia. John Lennon. Theres a blizzard in Chicago. Theres a cyclone in Australia. Rigged sumo in Japan. Undervalued currency in China. Its day. Its night. Its day and night with a bullet. Young people want freedom. Room to move. No more waterboarding. Young people want free room and board. It started with a butterfly in the Amazon rain forest. Then came the Protocols of Zion, the Reagan Revolution and a few harmless emails. Now weve got street demos, bloodied heads, sticks, swords and rolling news coverage 24/7. So many things have gone wrong. Burma. Investor confidence. The Enlightenment. No Child Left Behind. I go around pretending Im interested in things but Im not. Tokyo, Saturday, 02/05/11