Hurricane Hazel. Now there was a real humdinger. Trees uprooted. Shops shuttered. Tore up half the Northeast. Living paycheck to paycheck. Massive job losses. Joe Lunchbucket walking cold unemployment streets. Food stamps. Kraft Dinner. Pork and Beans. Speaking of Greece, isnt that where they separate the men from the boys with a crowbar? Hey, if you dont dig that sound, raise your right hand and repeat after me. Portugals not much better. Likewise Ireland, remember Bing Crosby as Father Seamus OHoughlihan in Going My Way? Or Barry McGuire in How Green Was My Valley? Of course that was Wales, not Spain. Coal mines closed down. Fishing boats swamped. Mortgages underwater. Then there was Hurricane Carter, lashing out in all directions. Itll blow over by tomorrow, but in the meantime there was Hattie, Hilda, Edna and Bob – the first male name assigned. Home foreclosures are never pretty. Same with gale-force winds and flooded basements. Also missing roofs, rising divorce rates, bloated corpses and that creepy sensation you get watching Discovery Channel documentaries charting Hitlers rise to power. Tokyo, Sunday, 09/26/10