I wonder if they have one God, many gods or no gods. Do they believe in an immortal soul which each can save through prayer and divine obedience? Maybe they think each mind must work to attain enlightenment directly, develop clarity through meditation and right action. Or perhaps, they think ants dont have to believe or do anything. The world is as it is. It must be very different living in a society with no significant change in ten million years. Does a male ant think about other females while making love to his wife? Do female ants stay home and care for the anthill, or can they become warriors and presidents? Ants live in a world where the common good always predominates. Greedy ants cant grab more resources than they need, ruthless ants cant destroy the environment for their private benefit. With no newspapers, radio or television, ants arent bombarded by speakers who insult their intelligence or flooded by images exploiting their emotions. Ants have no anger, resentment or jealousy. Political infighting doesnt fragment their families or tear apart their public institutions. They rise early, work hard, live in harmony. When danger threatens, they join even closer together. Ants appear vibrant beings, fully alive, totally attuned to the universal life instinct. Of course an ants life isnt all peaches and cream. Sometimes an ant gets eaten by an anteater or stepped on by a human being. Fortunately, the second danger probably wont be around much longer. Tokyo, Thursday, 06/21/07