I was kicking back in my living room, quietly sipping sake, calmly watching another disaster unfold on tv. Cars floating, bridges washed away, bodies in trees, bodies in convenience stores, bodies in body bags. A pigeon landed on my balcony railing. He wasnt talking on a cell phone or riding a bicycle. He was thinking of taking a crap. Later my wife came home. I told her about the disaster. She told me about her day at work in the past perfect – the tense used to describe actions completed in the past viewed in relation to the present. It was dark because the sun sets early in January. Oil spills, climate change, rust belts and a fifteen year old prostitute are being investigated by Italian prosecutors. This total inefficiency, utter dysfunction and complete rejection of transparency and instrumental rationality stands as a to the encroaching collapse of democratic as well as in the midst of a collapsing world. Tokyo, Tuesday, 01/18/11