I should be doing more than teaching English in Tokyo and getting sloshed on Niigata sake. After all, how many more chances have I got to really understand life, to make a difference, to give back? At my age I should be reading serious books, broadening my perspective by visiting destination locations, pondering the important questions. Not just sitting around watching CSI Miami, shelling pistachios and cursing Wall Street sonsofbitches for wrecking the economy. At my age I should forget the bad memories of teaching Political Science in Canadian universities – the filthy insane theories that elected the religious right, my nasty miserable colleagues, the stupid a-hole administrators, the sad two- faced excuses for students. Time to forgive and forget. Stop wishing those dickheads bad luck, hoping theyre in unendurable pain, divorced, alienated from their children, hosed out of their retirement money by Bernie Madoff and Citibank. At my age I should be mellowing out, kicking back. Forget the flaming nightmare called the last 65 years. Accept the myth theres a way out. Believe natural law and justice dont operate in this Universe because even by following the wrong path we can end up in the right place. At my age I should forget about Barbara Bush Pope Benedict Mylie Cyrus Plutonium and AIG. Having healthy respectable personalities leading us isnt the be all and end all of intelligent living. Amy Winehouse The Burma Generals Benjamin Netanyahu Mel Gibson Marketing Ronald McDonald. Lets face it. Theres plenty of highly destructive fools and idiots running around out there. At 65 its time to stop worrying whos next to destroy forty acres of rain forest, bomb a defenseless city, or launch a frothing anti-Semitic tirade. Tokyo, Sunday, 05/10/09