Do you feel lucky today, punk? Well, do you? Because this is America. The worlds most powerful superpower. Was that five bullets or six? A Florida recount or a Hurricane Katrina foul-up? To tell you the truth, I dont rightly remember. But dont worry. Because this isnt another Vietnam. Not another cheap psychotic thriller. Another shoddy pornographic farce. Because this time its different. No more raunchy torture scenes. No more trashy executions. This will be a cinematic epic. A box-office smash. Because Americas tired. Tired of looking like a frightening third-rate hustler. The grotesque champion of colossally bad taste. Terribly tacky. Bad burlesque. One terrible, terrible bomb after another. Because we dont want another Korea. Another Algeria. Another Ethiopia. And so we are changing course. New strategy. New generals. Fresh face at the Pentagon. But its only a surge. Only temporary. Not an escalation. Not another Vietnam. This isnt another tacky charade to trick the voters. To fool Mr. and Mrs. America. None of our people were present at the hanging. It was out of our hands. A terrible misunderstanding. Not even vaguely attractive. And so we are changing course. Not up to our standards. Vulgar. Tasteless. A surge. Not an escalation. Only temporary. Tokyo, Saturday, 01/06/07