Sweating at the check-in, trying to get past homeland security, because Im leaving, leaving on a jet plane, hiding nothing but my subversive thoughts, no gels hemorrhoid ointment diarrhea tonic kiddy porn oatbran muffins, not exactly a Kerouac experience, ( wheeling on a two-lane highway to Baton Rouge in purple darkness) because this isnt exactly the sixties rolling on a river, sweet home Alabama, the Stones Jefferson Airplane Dylan, this is the third mill, Faith Hill family prayer in the synagogues el rushbo managed gold-plated health care god bless america focus on the corporate family bud lite purpose driven life. Yes , its time to sweat, time to obey subnormal rent-a-dolts in blue uniforms, no more swinging around a circular drive in yellow foglight, no more crossing eternity, no more speeding by Memphis Greenville Vicksburg Port Allen, because this is the new hyper- safety-conscious double-prophylactic fire alarm America, everybody shrinkwrapped expiry dated rubber gloved, a time when good people obediently believe what the king says, reveals from high up, way up there in his Exxon Exlax Prozac counting house, the new Elvis, the new king of paranoia and bible study, the king of war under false pretenses counterfeit newscasts psychotic radio broadcasts, the stupefied slackjaw herd following whatever bogus tightass prophet appears from the asbestos saturated neocon woodwork. Is that a nuclear weapon in your pocket or are you just glad to see homeland security, happy to ignore secret prisons where CIA SS KGB misfit boys torture disappeared service station attendants with lesbian cowboy erotica, glad to forget youre paying for the Baghdad prime time boxoffice smash with horny hymn luxury boxes ann coulter character assassination celebrity perfume, eager to blot out the political rat pack (Flubbermouth isnt really such a bad guy just had bad toilet training) with tailgate waterboarding parties /unborn embryonic security fences /upclose and personal bagged head pummeling/ tales of jonbennet/ oj stealing cable/ the 700 club best meat erotica. Now were finally getting somewhere, yes I packed my nose myself, no I have never knowingly torn up a bible or dissed the mormon tabernacle choir, the purpose of my visit is to become enlightened by hearing the presidents speech from the throne, also to get myself together by eating a proper diet, and yes I dont believe the government is watching me reading my email or implanting free enterprise electrodes in my brain, and everybodys doing their best to to bring democracy to Iraq, to catch the real killer, in for the long haul, and yes I support our troops even though Im Canadian, agree the Geneva Convention is far too fuzzy, doesnt apply when our guys want to do something kinky, and yes the new anchor for fox news should be Erwin Rommel the old desert fox himself. Yay though I pass through the gates of freedom, having xrays penetrate my good intentions, both shoes inside a Land of Liberty plastic coffin, I hereby declare my firm intention not to mock America, followed by hellish rushes of shrapnel cluster bombs bursting through hot flaming air, promise not to set myself on fire engage in stem cell research on death row or violate my vow of complete compassion, freely choosing instead to slide open the glass door to eternity, to always wear a smile button, to discover the true reality the actual components of life, while simultaneously switching to Sprint and pressure-treated genuine cedar decking, while putting on my game face, and never, yes never, asking just where the hell is this crazy goddamned war really going? Tokyo, Tuesday, 09/19/06