Coffee and sea air Ferry full of base and football fans Both the Giants and 49ers are playing. San Quentin behind us, Alcatraz looms to our right A blonde lady grabs her long hair as she heads to the windblown front deck Two ladies play cards, two guys discuss former work mates — driving for Loomis, 11 bucks an hour, wifes medicine costing 300 a month Bay water barely ripples Sun reflects off distant black hills, water glistens Westward, Mount Tamalpais looks down on blue waters Gary Snyder, Allan Watts once lived there Margots mountaintop house now empty, moved to Mendocino Fierce wind blows black Giants jackets rips red forty-niner jerseys Young Latinos shout laugh on upper deck smack knuckles Young bucks headed for Pac Bell baseball park Skyline and Golden Gate appear as ferry curves Tony Bennets bridge carries cars into city below gray and blue sky Rotting Alcatraz concrete blends with sunburnt hills Former home Al Capone, Alvin Carpis the Birdman Coit Tower sticks up in morning air over Telegraph Hill Wheres Allen Ginsberg, Greg Corso, Lawrence Ferlinghetti Anyone awake on Kerouac Avenue Bay Bridge stretches to Berkley, Oakland off to left Container ship lumbers along, sailboat leans against wind Oakland; No there there said Gerty Stein San Francisco office buildings glow in bright light Icepick ferry terminal dead ahead

San Francisco Bay Sun 09/07/03