Look. Its George Michael. Its Michael Richards. George Wallace. George Allen. Whatta guy. Kramer. The Guvna. The Senator. Its the same guy. A different guy. The same guy only different. Hes crackin jokes. Crackin heads. Crackin up. Hes gotta hood. Gotta noose. Gotta Confederate flag. The Old South. Sweet Virginny. Sweet Home Alabama. Listen. Hes gettin heckled. Hes goin postal. Using the n-word. Macaca. Niggra. Markets are up. Markets are down. Whatta terrific human being. Its a correction. A crash. A healthy pullback. Hes standing up for his rights. Standing in a school doorway. Doing stand-up comedy. The dollars strengthening. The markets weakening. Its overbought. Its oversold. Its all over. Black Monday. Whos right? Whos wrong? Where do we go from here? Its a triple-digit gain. Its a triple-witching loss. Hes Jewish. Hes not Jewish. He just looks Jewish. His grandmothers Jewish. He didnt know she was Jewish. Hes apologizing. Hes not apologizing. Apologizing too much. Not apologizing hard enough. Apology accepted. Apology denied. Over there. Its Thomas Hobbes. Its Lou Dobbs. Bela Lugosi. Nancy Pelosi. The Leviathan. Broken Borders. The Horror. Man is a wolf to man. Wolf Blitzer. Paul Wolfowitz. Howlin Wolf. The Situation Room. The Haunted Castle. The Looney Bin. Mexicans overrunning America. Theyre everywhere. War on the middle class. War on Whitey. Gotta getta gun. Gotta close the borders. Gotta save America. Time to call the experts. Time to call Jesse James. James Dobson. Focus on the family. Focus on Whitey. Goddamn Blacks. Goddamn Browns. Yellows. Ragheads. Why was I born? Why am I living? Hear the sound of music. Hear the roar of Being. Tinkling pianoes. Reality chewing on fear. Chewing on delusion. Open the door. Open the window. Wave away the flies. Pray for Peace. Pray for Harmony. Pray for understanding. Tokyo, Friday 12/01/06