Planet earth is becoming a single buy on the dip sell on the fatwah. A common civilization. Everything is everywhere and everyone knows everything. Yesterday Sonjia lost her cane on the Moscow. Postmodern. Typified by high technology, fragmentation, rapid change and fragmentation. The modern the postmodern the postpostmodern, first past the post and post no bills. French theorists tell us we have nothing Deleuze. The twentieth century is called the American century because it is the American century. The resounding triumph of marked the beginning of absolute for everything from to and providing that. Or as LBJ said, looks to me like were getting into another Korea. Life in the new global is worldwide a worldwide whirlaround. The Spice Girls are now bigger than. KFC in Karachi and Big Macs in Beijing. Sonjia leans on her cane. There is downsizing in her tired eyes. Postmodern societies are knowledge societies. New technologies are driving, are racing, constantly accelerating in Dianas Mercedes through Strawberry Fields. And what, and what, and what about French theorists. America is the worlds greatest only authentically, ideally a shining of glistening united with unlimited. Following the collapse of, only one competitor left standing, left standing alone. Oswald acted alone he said from his home in Beaver Creek, Colorado. The American way. Globalization means our everyday has become mishmash impacted along a trajectory of mashed up splattered across. Before Sonjia was lifetime but now she is pension casino. The gates swing open and there is Cuban French bread. Postmodern theory addresses how are and what in what way can and why should address the lurking between. Modernity was very modern that is to say it is more up to date than it once was. For Heidegger it is a wrong turn and for McCluhan the medium is the medium. American is unique. By the end two were meleed unconscious and two others were at a Dennys. Denied service Asians at a Dennys 20 whitenecks shouting racial two years earlier six black secret service no service. Sheriffs deputies watched. Enjoy our grand slam breakfast.

Tokyo Sun 3/8/99