Globalization explodes across the globe, severely contracting the realm of individual choice while greatly expanding the domain of democratic freedom. Backed only by a piano, the Russian President refused to perform If I Had a Hammer. We both hate that song, said Margaret Thatcher, standing on the rubble of her West Bank home, recently bulldozed to make way for another world-class art exhibit - Picasso focusing on the fracturing of the actual. We are moving from a world with national borders to one where the loss of manufacturing jobs is creating a global leisure society. The compression of the world into a single place means they cant stop. Theyve been going at it for days, for months, for years. Its the only game in Denmark. Likewise, something smells bad in Mumbai, also burning tires in Athens, the Orange Revolution and Kentucky Fried Chicken. If we asked an Australian Aborigine about the essence of globalization, he would probably fade into the Outback, tremendously buoyed by the Chinese promise to do better. Because globalization is not just Americanization – merely crossing the Bering Strait and opening a can of beans. As a result of this rigid dichotomy, many people gave up both go-go dancing and cocaine. Born William Butler Yeats to a middle-class Italian-American family, she was forced to dodge a hail of tear gas and rubber bullets before richly deserving her high-end champagne life-style. Without question, the years ahead will bring further sexual abuse followed by a double dip jihad. This means there needs to be more free air miles to educate the deeply religious family about globalization. However, in addition to leathery tans and nasty bar brawls, these transformative social processes must also offer a childrens menu, bite-size portions that guide the building of a truly user-friendly global order while providing a vastly entertaining network of Salman Rushdie bromides and endless Jacques Derrida reruns. Tokyo, Saturday, 03/13/10