Its been a tough year. My empathy engines failing. Running low on compassion. Losing my normal rosy disposition. Every time I turn on the tv another reporters being blown over by a hurricane or washed away in a flood. Tectonics are slipping. Bushes are burning. Sands blowing. Theres a trainwreck in Toronto. A blizzard in Bahrain. Killer Clams are invading Yokohama. A Giant Cheese flattened Amsterdam. The mayor of Seattles just been hauled off on a stretcher. Whats wrong with the world. Why all these calamities. Costs are adding up. We cant afford a mudslide and a presidential impeachment in the same week. Whos paying for Pakistan. Wheres the money for Afghanistan. Dont even mention Uzbekistan. What about Farm Aid. What about Live Aid. How about Dollars for Darfur. Krona for Kronegsberg. Spare Change for Beached Poets. Open yr wallets folks. Cough up the dinaro. Start a fund. Found an institute. Hold a parade. Apologize for whatever. Celebrity concerts are coming out my ears. Bruce has tornadoes. Bonos doing asbestos. Geldofs got colon cancer. Madonnas cornered toxic waste. Theres nothing left for Sting and J Lo. Whats Britney gonna do. Wheres Broward County. Wheres Dade County. How about the Upper East Side. The Lower Ninth Ward. The Back Forty. How about Hurricane Helen. Typhoon Andy. Baby Hughie. What we gonna do about the looting in Cancun. The generals in Rangoon. Mad cow in Saskatoon. Look. Its a Category Five. A Motel Six. The Chicago Seven. A Level Eight. Here comes a car bomb. There goes the Space Shuttle. Donald Ducks got bird flu. Delta cant meet its payroll. Im getting bleary. Disasters are blurring together. Im feeling real pain. Just like tv news. Survivors are whining. Victims are whinging. Everybodys blaming the president. Last night a hurricane. This morning an earthquake. Now a hurricane with an earthquake and a new war on the way. Whos responsible. What can we do. My head hurts. My stomachs churning. Its an epidemic. A pandemic. Fatal Attraction. The Final Solution. The apartments shaking. My wifes coughing. I hope I can finish this poem before Tokyo collapses. Tokyo, Wed. 10/26/05