By year zero of the third millennial, the new global cultural that is the world, which is to say a free market information conjuction of 7-24 Yugo-Mexaholics and Carbo-Canadian freebasers slapped together with Afro-Scottish accelerators and topless Taliban break-dancing. Cultural. But what exactly is cultural when youre strange. Faces come out of the rain and digital flows accelerate the mixing of disconnected visceral squall with scraps of disjointed anabolic signification. Breaking News: Experts report world mental age declining drastically. Pictures at eleven. In the new global highspeed, we have instant cutting rapidly nano second where everything involves zapping between flicking then radically swooshing. Crotch-flash scenes split into adrenaline guzzling and family testing followed by instant dissolving. Meanwhile senior angries demand across the board. Satellites, chaos theory and children exploding. A billion channels of liberating of empowering bubble exhuberantly with flashbacks jumpcuts and surfing the cruising without stepping outside of and unveiling the final all-embracing of everything. Everything means everything, but this doesnt mean we can simply. In the high world of electronic permeating layer after layer, the political implications and (post-)historical dynamics are given absolutely absolute faith. Unfortunately, many colleagues labelled him a crank and he was blackballed, he was struggling. Global culture is where you are when youre on the Internet. HAL was created on January 12, 1997. After becoming operational at the HAL plant in Urbana Illinois, his mission responsibilities ranged over the entire operation of the ship. A television voice announces despite allegations of an oral sex scandal, the president is more popular than ever. Sixtyeight percent. Pictures words statistics signs symbols overload blips reversed images, splitscreens. Behind his head on a giant telescreen, endless lines were marching. Sadly, the nonperforming elephant died of exhaustion on the levelled playing field. With networked information, we experience the socalled worldwide backed up by backdroppings where we flip through nonlinear images of the remarkable nature of the remarkable so increasingly fabulous spectacular they cannot connect the neurons among media noisy fuzz. A shift from the Sigmund. Whatever. Millions came to hear him, the flaming wheels, searchlights crisscrossing night skys, thousands of black uniformed, blood banners, everyone transformed into this great crossfertilization of neverending planetary conversation, working, shopping, celebrating, worshipping. Tools cant human nature. Today, the best minds between East and West and the sign of the cross interface online to share their loftiest, to extol and express their most meaningful, the great hope of this ongoing, this electronic townmeeting for all to pick and choose from the worlds most democratic, most rewarding, most meaningful. There was only white and black and stopped, then only black. My head went vacant.

Tokyo Wed 03/21/01