I used to be a Catholic, one of the prudest Today Im a meditator, a sitting Zen Buddhist Once I was lost but not so long Enlightenment came, at the sound of a gong Now that I know, everythings one I want to share my treasure, with everyone So come on down, you out of the ordinary Specially if, youre a visible minority Women of color, the man with one arma Youre all welcome, to follow the Dharma The mentally challenged, who cant peel a banana Let me walk with you, the path to Nirvana I know for sure, the self is illusion But then whos this one, caught in confusion Im sending my love light, to all sentient beings Lets get together, we ll explore deepest feelings So pull up a cushion, sit in the lotus If sexy thoughts arise, we wont even notice Tokyo, Sat. 07/02/05