Wind whips the palm trees like suckers at a revival meeting Cold gray waves roll across junk covered beaches Tahitis got a typhoon, but Sayoko and I dont mind. Weve filled our hotel room fridge with ham cheese and olives we bought at a local supermarket. Over good French wine and thick dark coffee, were watching how young people in France become first class chefs. Showing up, staying calm and focused, listening to the teacher, turns raw North Africans, Eastern Europeans local farmers daughters into Michelin stars. After the tv finishes, I listen to late night fm radio through earphones. One classical, two classic rock and two Island music stations make up the choices. The local music is fast, smooth and harmonious with clear voices singing in tune to quick drums and ukulele strings. Meanwhile, in the dark lagoon beyond our balcony, the typhoon keeps singing its own crazy song.

Papeete Sat 02/05/05