Another Big Day teaching English in Tokyo. Dear Mr. Ganie, Hello. Since it is recently too much painful, if I am bad, and before to the waist inspects all the time in a hospital, I will be a hernia. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts with us, Yoko. Already my day is much brighter. I particularly enjoyed how you spelled my name. It made me feel like all my pedagogic efforts have been worthwhile. The medical examination cannot enter from 3:00, and cannot appear in Todays lesson altogether either. Well, we will certainly miss your valiant efforts to conquer the Queens English. Please accept our deepest wishes that you not be a hernia. May I escape from a lesson excuse me at 13:45? Absolutely. No problem. In fact you may escape even earlier. Say, 13:44. Or 13:43. I am sorry that October 1 goes to rehabilitation and cannot participate in a lesson. While October 1 goes for rehabilitation, perhaps you should tag along and do something about that hernia. I need your help well from now on. Youve got it. Tokyo, Wednesday, 04/19/06