Two hours until Happy Hour. Two hours til I can have two Pine Coladas or two Banana Daiquiris at that wayout lounge inside the enormous teak lobby at the front of the hotel. The dishwater oceans splashing under gray overcast skys. Yesterday we went to Ubud and had a lousy time. Too many cheap shops crowded streets and noisy motorbikes. This countrys gone to hell since we visited 6 years ago. Western technology and their own corruptions turned it into another Bangkok. We visited a famous old temple but you could feel the resonance was gone, just bricks and stone statues. I could order something from room service instead of this Australian wine, however Ill hold out until six. Sayokos having a nap after we spent the morning shopping. I suppose I should be out appreciating nature or getting to know the people. Fortunately Im not that kind of poet. I prefer looking for an interesting pair of batik shorts and having expensive Japanese food with a cold beer. Ill leave the flora and community building to somebody else. Id rather sit here and watch the New Hampshire Primary on CNN then read some Bukowski or my book of ancient Chinese poets. Theres a big fat bird chirping away somewhere in the big palm trees by the swimming pool. He doesnt need Happy Hour to cheer him up. After I have my two Pina Coladas, I think Ill order two more. Sayoko can order two mineral waters if she wants.