Kicking back on a quiet Tokyo morning. Dark roast coffee. Raisin toast with peanut butter and jam. Sayoko still sleeping. Because when its morning in Tokyo, its late afternoon in America. So I turn on the tv before the sun rises and pigeons start crapping on my balcony. Russias burning. Pakistans under water. Theres oil in the Gulf. Gunshots in Johannesburg. Kandahar car bombs. Somebody mugged the sky. Who screwed the ocean? So what? I say quietly so I dont wake my wife. The Worlds not perfect. Things happen. Not knowing Japanese, I scan the morning paper looking for poetic images, possible buying opportunities. Theres the new Prime Minister. Cornered in the Diet by the money bags opposition. Happy farmers. Sumo are bowing. Illegal betting apology. Happy housewives. Office ladies. Happy investors. Shopowners. Bean counters. Shoe-shine boys. Happy traffic cops. Taxidermists. Japan is one big happy country. Following orders. Smiling for the cameras. Just like me. Drinking coffee. Eating raisin toast. Smiling. One happy fella. Tokyo, Thursday, 08/05/10