It feels like autumn in Tokyo but its only mid-September and the Ministry of WE JAPANESE hasnt officially declared the last day of summer even though its cool and everyone begins a conversation by saying, Cool, isnt it? Anyway its the silly season, time for shifting tectonics and cockroaches crawling through doors half-open for ventilation then trapped under over-turned drinking glasses until the air runs out followed by the final toilet flush solution which isnt the best but will just have to do until Sayoko comes home with the roach motels. Industrial pigeons land on my crap-covered balcony trying to nest behind dirty air conditioners until I rattle laundry rods and fire water from our green plastic toothbrush rinser or blast away with my wifes bleach water cannon actually only a converted ironing spray dispenser which sounds good but doesnt fool anyone, least of all these tough tech-savy city birds. Theyre persistent unstoppable maybe the oldest organisms on earth capable of surviving total nuclear annihilation which sounds surreal but watching that ugly little bugger crawling around under my drinking glass reminds me of Harry Truman. Atomic Harry. Always good for a cheap nuclear disaster or suddenly remembering he forgot his wallet at home. Yes there are no bananas in the War On Terror an epic whatsyamacallit we will never forget because it changed our lives forever like a missing leg or Hitler or Lyndon Johnson who showed a little girl picking daisies then a nuclear bomb exploding behind the words of Barry Goldwater – A choice not an echo – except LBJ tried to stop the Viet Cong unstoppable as cockroaches or Dittoheads or your basic banjo-picking Deliverance-type Yahoos with their private enterprise dogma, bib overalls, doggedly crawling under sofas or running across the kitchen table barking doggerel at terrorists how they hate our freedom, prosperity what we stand for: Sareena Williams, Sherwin Williams; roaches rooting around in garbage cans, teabaggers voting against their own interests, the shining on a hill, purple hair, getting into the dogs dish, bringing the blessings of liberty and civilization to everyone on earth like democracy or flush toilets or The Price Is Right. Tokyo, Wednesday, 09/16/09