Not many hawks or eagles here—‚ Couple at the zoo; nervous, pacing about. Lots of crows and pigeons: One ruthlessly clever, the other a shameless survivor. Mr. Corporate Executive and cockroaches with wings. Thriving, in fact burgeoning, on manmade detritus; The decaying leftovers that prey seekers proudly despise. What can you say about a grocery list featuring discarded noodles, rotten sushi and nuggets of industrial fried chicken? Or nesting structures constructed from rusty coathangers, plastic wrap and pieces of styrofoam? Of course, the noble creatures are dying. Exiled and poisoned by Gods most noble creation. Perhaps unable to adapt to modern life; More likely, stubbornly refusing to accept its degradation, or swallow its humiliation. Lacking the empty wills, the flexible ethics of their city cousins, they will soon sink forever; Never again grace the high blue with their feathered elegance. Never again soar broad headlands or dive from blazing suns. The disappeared ones. Meanwhile their calculating brethren sit patiently on telephone wires; Ignoring early morning drizzle, they wait for skinny part-timers to bring out last nights bags of discarded delicacies. Resolute. They will wait forever.

Tokyo Tues 06/04/02