I want a digital camera so Sayoko and I head for Akihabara Electric Town, exiting into the monosodium heartbeat for Japans discount technological society, where walking under pure blue skies among 95% geeks, nerds crowding into yellow blue white facades with synthetic music pounding everywhere fluorescent buzz beep bright virtuosity pouring from screens speakers downloaders uptakers, and even if it takes two tankers a day to keep this circus humming its still fun to get what you want when you want it. Following several false starts we angle across to SOFMAPs main store where an unpushy young clerk shows us the latest snappers Sony Fuji Panasonic Canon and because I dont speak Nihongo or work technology Sayoko negotiates that I need one to do the Kamakura Buddha zoom shot and please 3 million pixels which Ken advised me plus some of this a little of that we should be OK, he says with this Olympus medium priced spread. The soul only wants to be happy otherwise why would so many young lonely men be walking together and no good looking women except my wife. I like one with heft you can see through not those tinny little boxes resembling spooky medical devices so the Olympus it is, but before, we need more megabytes its always something. We buy the bytes from another guy who only speaks technology then gives pathetic directions to the service center out the door and to the left but we follow his and end up going god knows where. Anyway we find Building 13 where we are ticket 8 and after us a foreigner comes in with his Japanese wife tall thin with long white hair straggling under a pork pie hat which makes me think hes also a heavy drinker. So we turn over our laptop to the sprightly young lady requiring 20 minutes and adjourn to the FRESHBURGER for cheeseburgers with onion rings and after the gizmos installed, we head for the station with guys with big boxes and big smiles, convinced, hey technologys not so bad, the citys not so bad, life is good.