Overcast anchored beside a cold gray ocean dripping Douglas fir, misty Grouse Mountain last stop Trans Canada Highway, last exit to Lotus Land Rainy basement nights, scratched records New York Paul, first met in Hamilton, McMaster U. drafted in the Bronx, deserted in Oakland make love not Vietnam war Steely Dan Stealers Wheel Stones Chicago horns Nescafe with seedy Colombian far into Kitsilano night meeting with remarkable man whats really important use the system dont let system use you take life seriously by always enjoying life listening to Powder Blues at Rohans slackjawed Lavin brothers Doug & the Slugs gone now torn down for condos Lovely Barbara lived upstairs loved to laugh still does always generous sensible sometimes phoned down please lower volume work next day brother George worked on docks, played golf knew rounders from East Van beer guts and missing teeth moved to Queen Charlottes for art and tree planting Summer sunshine at Wreck Beach lay behind a log drinking Beaujolais watch the breasts and sunsets Greek food on West Broadway lamb souvlakie retsina Sunday dim sum in Chinatown beside E.Hasting junkys dont get towed away by Busters junkyard takeaway Banyen Books for consciousness stuff West Fourth beside Rohans had to move to Broadway Alan Watts beat zen, Buddha, Tao watercourse way chew veggies across street at the Nam spices soup smells once saw the holiest vegetarian chomping fat late night steak at Binos Elaine and Louie always had open home she moved from Montreal, he from France astrologer earth mother to homeless and brokenhearted while moustached Roger fixed up houses and hash Belgian mysteryman smoked Galoises strong coffee lived underground on main floor black leather girlfriend Dale listened to Miles and Coltrane came from Chicago Take a toke and discuss the Universe windowpane, mescaline, see god? just enough of ratrace to pay bills, build unemployment benefits Paul drove cab two days until he backed into a rock pile seen smoking joint at welfare worker job back on welfare Lin-chi said just be ordinary, nothing special eat when hungry no place in Buddhism for too much effort rest when tired Dont run around seeking satori be who you are natural follow lazy mans road to enlightenment Hear about Patricks acid bust twenty thousand hits to undercover narcs big out o town buyers end of the nude garden party long black Rasputin hair eyes nose end of purple micro dots true master must overcome urge to justify himself look for the truth beneath appearances Then there was reggae with Marlie at the Commodor genuine mystic man, everything becomes one whole universe moving together drums guitars suns galaxies jammin in da name a da lord breathing free air in uptight Canadian mosaic forty miles north from starstriped Colossus nuclear sub pens Seattle chevrolets Bellingham hershey bars

Tokyo Sat 05/28/05