Chuckwagon icon blamed for crash. Or as Elmore Leonard says, Never open a book with weather. Kelly Sutherland suspended for final day; third horse dies. And now for something completely different: Nigerian boss accuses ref of racism. Dont go into great detail describing places and things. Coming out of the first turn, Kelly drove his team too aggressively towards Ray Mitsuings team. Avoid prologues. resulting in the incident that led to the death of Gorsts horses and the injury to Tyler. And now for something slightly different: Conrad Black guilty of 4 of 13 charges involving obstruction of justice. Avoid detailed descriptions of characters. Kelly Sutherland has only raced one way all his life: Hard, tight and fast. The following program contains coarse language; Viewer discretion is advised. Pastor to face human rights panel; claimed gay activists just as immoral as pedophiles. The 55-year old reinsman learned his skills in the days when you ran hub-to-hub, banged spokes and didnt blink. Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip. Your children are being brainwashed into believing kissing men is appropriate. Sutherland was deemed to have been running too tight on Ray Mitsuing, who checked his horses. Lund, a married father who is not a homosexual, is a longtime human rights activist. He had leaned on Mitsuings outfit the night before and got hit with two seconds for interference. And now for something that sounds the same, but is, in fact, something completely different. When Mitsuings wagon swayed from the motion, it caused Gary Gorst to run into him and all hell broke loose. Never use the words, suddenly, or all hell broke loose. Where homosexuality flourishes, all manner of wickedness abounds. Meanwhile animal rights activists used Saturdays incident to bolster their call for a ban on rodeo and chuckwagon events at the Stampede. Calgary, Tuesday 07/17/07