Nowadays everybodys wound-up, ticked-off on-edge or out-to-lunch. Thats why Im premenstrual, postmodern, semi-conscious and fully rational. Why Im in-line, out-front, on-message, and off-shore. But Im not old hat, yesterdays news, under the weather or over the hill. I keep on-message, in-the-mix, in-the-loop, on-top, close-to-the-source. My media are wireless, paperless, pointless and meaningless. If it bleeds it leads. I love car wrecks, train wrecks, natural disasters and man-made catastrophes. But right now Ive got an Excedrin headache, turf toe, a carbon footprint and a flat fourth quarter. So I guess I better stop and think, cut and run, bait and switch, cap and trade. But it all depends on what I bring to the table, how much is on my plate, whose ox gets gored. George, its too bad what happened. Because you were a wonderful father, a great guy, a terrific colleague and a fantastic human being. Anyway George, were going to miss you. Now that youve passed on, passed away, kicked the bucket, are getting your shoes shined in a funeral parlor. Yes. There you are. Six feet under, eating dirt, pushing up daisies, talking to God, dancing with the Devil. Goodbye George. But please keep in touch, give us a call, dont forget to write, remember us in your prayers. Tokyo, Friday, 06/27/08