the air is fresh the waters pure but the coffee is so so In the country the people are friendly theres plenty of nature however the coffees not nearly as good as city coffee If you want mouth watering lip smacking apple pie or horny buxom farmers daughters go to the country but bring some quality coffee with you You might get some great homemade chicken soup or a terrific piece of fresh young ass in the country, but for sure you wont get a memorable cup of java Youll see lots of cows pigs and squirrels plenty of trees flowers and acorns in the country even though you wont be drinking first class grande lattes or even second rate espresso and cappuccino You can buy tractors ploughs harness and cracker barrels Also gingham dresses straw hats and bib overalls in the country but dont even think about drinking coffee that doesnt taste like feedlot runoff or something drained from local duck ponds Yessir. In the country you can square dance, shoot deer and moose, hear banjo music, meet the folks from Deliverance, do almost anything; anything that is except gulp down an ass grabbing ballbusting hair raising mug of good old fashioned Joe

Tokyo Mon 05/09/05