Im tuned to Larry King on CNN, watching tv but half into Eastern religion. Larrys talking to Pamela Anderson about Immanuel Kant, whether the good person should obey the Categorical Imperative. Im sort of following the conversation, while thinking Buddhism denies dualism, refuses to divide reality into higher and lower realms. Pamela pulls out her copy of Critique of Pure Reason. Explains the difference between moral and aesthetic judgments. Eastern thought doesnt slice up the world, Im thinking, while Larry asks Pam about breast implants. She recounts how her acting career really took off after surgeons poured ten pounds of silicon into her chest. Im interested in large breasts but I cant help thinking about the Lotus Sutra. Can we really purify the mind of all desire or are we eternal prisoners locked into bad karma. Larry leans back, snaps his suspenders with his thumbs A fly buzzes Time stops Pam chews her gum The universe is frozen Larry taps his pencil A commercial appears on the screen Its an ad for an upcoming Carol Costello CNN Special Carol in conversation with Terrel Owens Carol and Terrel discuss Schopenhauers World As Will And Representation Larry shakes Pamelas hand The universe moves again. Tokyo, Fri. 11/25/05