It is Good Friday in America but already Saturday morning in Tokyo, and because most Japanese dont care or believe Christ died for our sins, can you believe it, died then came back to life, so Im watching an old John Wayne cavalry movie with coffee and toast and pineapple jam I bought in Paris last February. Empires reach their peak, then fail to walk and chew gum at the same time. Things fall apart, the center cannot hold, but what in Gods name does that mean? Center. Center of what? Do empires have centers like cream-filled chocolates? If so, where the hells Americas? Washington New York Scranton Steamboat Springs? This morning on the radio not sweating blood over The Decline of the American Empire, eggheads earnestly debated holistic pet food, agonized over Washingtons el floppo war on drugs. Its a touchy subject for a lot of Americans. I know because Ive tried to talk to them about it and they get all bent out of shape. Kibble pot heroin Alpo junkies on the nod America withering away. I guess I could go to Gyoenmae Park and see whats left of this years cherry blossoms, but how would that address Americas precipitous decline, sad gorgeous ephemeral, reminders of a beautiful life passing by in an instant, because Empires dont suddenly collapse like exhausted Chinese coal mines, morale sagging troops worn out, strength slowly draining away in a long debilitating struggle. Tokyo, Saturday, 04/07/07