Cruising down to Kyoto, riding that Tokaido Line Ancient Japan capital, where folks are really fine Dear sweet Kyoto where Ill feel like a toff A warm Kyoto welcome means please bugger off Aint gonna get too drunk, aint gonna screw around Maybe see a temple, visit some holy ground. Now we get off at Kyoto Station, buy a geisha fan Wheres Gary Snyder, that noisy little man? Start tour at Gion, ogle the Miko-San Then its Rioanji Temple, view the rocks and sand Moss, trees, monks raking acres of sacred wavy gravel First head of Czech Republic, was good old Vaclev Havel. Over theres a French lady, with a terrific wiggly ass Out on the street, sound trucks, are passing fascist gas Saints say the stones symbolize the plight of modern man Others see swimming tigers, or piles of garbage cans Folks here in Kyoto are upright and full of mystical visions Not like Tokyo, where squarehead bureaucrats make all the key decisions. Kyotos a tourist town, school girls and Korean firemen Also Chinese anti-freeze toothpaste millionaires, maybe nine or ten Then its back to our hotel, visit the supper Viking Watch gold drenched housewives pig out on what theyre liking Turn on NHK, watch recipes for cooking Canadian lobster Also rigged sumo, a volcano, and resorts run by gangs of Yakuza mobsters. Kyoto, Monday, 02/07/11