Dead fish lying on ice, off key singing, off season travel, shouting, shrieking, rhythmic clapping, cars crushed at crossings. Recipes for curry beef, home run hitters sporting stuffed animals, giggling, shame faces, ramen slurping contests, two executives apologizing. Name this disease, guess that ingredient, yuk yuks, hardy har hars, mayor apologizing, 10,000 Royal Family shots, billionaires bathrooms, homeless sleeping in cardboard boxes, third world shopping tours. Abductee worshipping, political assassinations, dog tricks, three company presidents apologizing, bowing, fawning, tooth sucking, flowers for tv talents, duelling samurai, sweating sumo, housewife feuds. Eating live fish, eating dead fish, all day marathons, four policemen apologizing, miracle vacuum cleaners, sumo stomachs, pro wrestler biceps, NHK singalongs, Ohayo gate ball, body in a river. Mouse with a missing ear, women whinnying like goats, women with baby voices, highway accidents, fallen pet bottles after earthquakes, sisters with big tits, insider trading, in house investigations. Stock traders apologizing, ladies in hot water, miracle vegetable slicers, videoed operations, burning hostess clubs, beached whales, hit products, sunken tankers, smoking volcanoes, body in a forest, prime minister apologizing, body in the ocean.

Tokyo Wed 12/10/03