So, have you read the Tale of Genji? I havent, yet. But I intend to, just as soon as the Nikkei recovers. Gaijin means foreigner, and I know the kanji for mountain. The Yamanote line circles and circles. Near my train station, three executives following a failed company hung themselves from a business hotel. More in a moment. Where No hides behind masks, sumo misses the boat. Being on time, however, is included in the sales price, usually about the middle of June and ending with deep bows and humble fishermen. What is your purpose in coming to this country? I sometimes use sign language when listening to the tea ceremony. Flower arranging fascinates many newcomers, especially during typhoon season. Have you climbed Mount Fuji? Sayoko is teaching me the basics. My wife is Japanese but she can understand what ordinary people are saying. Cross-cultural exchanges often occur between barbers anxious to cut hair in their own language. My initial plan was to avoid zen meditation. Later I decided not to do my best. You often see middle-aged women with poodles in their hair. Sometimes they go to driving ranges and whack their husbands mistresses. Have you noticed how Japanese suffer fools gladly, indicting them beyond their level of mediocrity, each fold folded just so? Well time to go. Gotta get home and memorize the kanji for tree.

Tokyo Fri 09/29/00