About Tokyo Poet


Incapable of interacting with other human beings, Wallace Gagne spends much of his precious time watching television and coughing up hair balls. In this incarnation he entered Planet Earth through the port of Vancouver on June 3, 1943. Dragged off to Calgary in 1951, he completed his graduate work in political science at the University of Rochester in 1970. An undistinguished academic career ground to a complete halt in 1986 when he stumbled into Tokyo to try his clumsy hand at Aikido. Here he tries to instruct the locals in the intricacies of English, roams aimlessly about the city, and makes uninspired supper requests to his wonderful wife, Sayoko.

Once foolishly enthusiastic about reading his work at inebriated public gatherings, he has subsequently withdrawn to the peace and anonymity of the Internet. Besides his online writings, he has authored two hard copy works, Inside The Kamakura Buddha, as well as Photopoems of Japan, with the photographer Kenneth Williams.

Wallace Gagne has no classical concept anchoring his approach or fixed philosophy defining his writing. Instead he relies on a lazy, disjointed, whatever comes up attitude. He includes among his heroes the ancient Chinese drunken poets, Li Po and Tu Fu; the Beats, Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac; as well as the L.A. terror, Charles Bukowski; Australias, Les Murray; and the one and only, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.


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