Last nights 8.8 earthquake wiped out Chile. Just like the Great Lisbon Shaker, 1755 – Force 9 Creator Crisis. Good folks explained All Saints Day shake n bake proved Bang Bang Gods existence though righteous anger. Rousseau scribbled superiority of rational Enlightenment thinker over Vatican mumbo jumbo crackpot rambler. Kant claimed fatal subterranean trembler was giant natural gas attack, didnft prove non-existence of non-existent invisible Supersized Holy Spirit. Cold Sunday morning. Missed Mass again. Same story last fifty years. Nothing to do with Portugal fiasco. Gray rain. Pumping iron then hot Japanese bath. Kicked Catholicism cold-turkey. No more confessions for center-fold filthy thoughts. No more Holy Wafer sitting atop guilty tongue. Only Mortal Sin Hell Bomb crater where soul used to be. True believers sweated blood doubting how Nice Guy God could side-walk pizza sweet little kids, dotty Senior citizens, honest God-fearing salt-of-the-earthers. How about Haiti? No longer Breaking News No. 1 Ass Grabber. No more road kill presidential puppet palace. No more shouting torchfaced demonstrators demanding Rich Country gringos immediately dispatch tankers of free beer, unload containers of prime sirloin complete with all the trimmings. Whither Anderson Blooper? How about Dr. Sandy Gooberbag? Boob Tube experts announce Chile a hundred, make that eight hundred, check that, ten thousand times stronger. I-Reports pour in from Santiago, Tweets from Concepcion. Busted bridges, pancaked parking garages, how r u doin? now hog precious air space . Former American Idol finalist reports live from buggered up hotel room, gives great interview. Prez flashes hold-up-pardner sign to global compassion tsunami threatening to clog gasping airport, overload sunken seaport. Grandstanding scientist disaster celebrities crunch rubble numbers, bullhorn Seattle couldnt-happen-here building codes What about after-shocks? What about rising death tolls? The growing number of missing Chileans? What about Jays move back to the 11:00 slot? Gatorade dropping Tiger? On-line donations? Australias Big Dry? Copenhagen? Experiencing what people felt themselves? Question upon question – send us your emails. Its a long train of historical connections linking Lisbon to my exiting the Church in 1960 to a Santiago grandmother reminiscing how she felt to be buried alive. Of course the brain-wave between natural disasters and whether the Divine Spirit actually exists doesnt end there. What if I die not believing our Heavenly Father wiped out Lisbon and squashed Haiti and clobbered Chile because He was mad at humanity because of all our queers and AIDs and the Bee Gees and I stopped being a Roman Catholic in 1960? Will I go to Hell Six and suffer an eternal hot foot? How about everybody else who doesnt believe The Master Carpenter made the world in six days and watched baseball bloopers on the seventh? Nothing to do now but wait for the next disaster. Get ready to tune in billions of ipods cellphones tv sets computer screens. Satellites surveying our shaky Planet. Fox, CNBC, ready to break the latest catastrophic emergency. Love Tube. Behind the Back Story. Connect the Bullbleep. English, China, German. Exxon, Toyota, Dallas Gas Chamber of Commerce – one humongous cosmic consciousness waiting for the facts, expert opinions, where to upload your pictures, record your comments Tokyo, Wednesday, 03/03/10